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one more I MOVED post before i stop checking this blog for good

i moved to

please follow me there because i tried following a bunch of people but i can never remember anyone’s fucking url so pls

again my new blog is follow me there


my new blog is

if you still like me follow me there and we can keep in touch


this just in homestuck fandom is the new hetalia

more at 7

i’m outie

tumblorica replied to your post: wow literally as soon as i post there’s something…

The blog existed before I guess and then everyone got pissed off at whoever was running it and they deleted it and for some reason someone else thought it was a really good idea to start a new one.

jesus fucking christ i’m so tired of drama

wow literally as soon as i post there’s something terrible in the homestuck fandom



ok so i’m going to start posting again




i think i seriously hate tumblr

i guess i’m just sick and tired of people getting all up-in-arms about fucking nothing

these people are literally creating things just to get mad at

if i see the word shaming one more time i’m going to shit

or is that ok now because shit-shaming is bad

i hate everything

I used to hate getting angry at things until I got a tumblr account

i still can’t wrap my head around why someone would be upset by someone else’s emotions that don’t affect them


why would you even care about what someone else is angry about???

it makes no sense to me

but they do affect me?????? because not only are they fucking everywhere, i get whiny messages in my askbox fucking constantly??????

i just wish people would grow the fuck up

oh wait was this post transphobic i bet it was in some way or another